BOL’s/POD’s: Original documents are no longer required unless specified on a per load basis.  Anything you would send in your envelope will need to be scanned to Tralo and stored by you.

Please keep the following in mind when sending paperwork:

  • ALL pages of the BOL’s are needed when scanning
  • Keep BOL’s for 6 months before throwing away
  • If scanned copy is not legible, we will request you mail or drop off the original
  • Please send black and white scans – avoid color if possible.

Fuel Reports/Receipts/Scales: Scanned legible copies will be accepted and also no longer need to be turned in.  These need to be sent in each week with your other scanned documents.

**Exception: Original DOT Inspection Reports will still need to be scanned to safety immediately and turned in to the office.

Please contact Alison if you have any questions


Thank you!