Cross docking services

TraLo can improve the dependability of deliveries and minimize supply chain complexity, all while maximizing your facility efficiency. 

Our expert team can work with you to streamline the process of receiving, sorting, and shipping products from a distribution center. We’ll ensure your shipments are accounted for dockside, then distributed safely and efficiently to the correct truck for delivery. This will help you make your shipments on time, while also lowering warehousing and holding costs.

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Cross Docking Services

What is cross docking?

Using TraLo’s cross docking service has a number of benefits, including the following: 

  • Lower warehousing and holding costs
  • Improved supply chain organization
  • On-time deliveries
  • Reduced labor costs such as material handling
  • Less risk of damage to your inventory
  • Lower cost of transportation 

Tralo Logistics

We offer a lot more than just cross docking logistics services. TraLo is a family-owned and operated trucking logistics company with experience offering a wide range of logistics services. From supply chain consulting to cross docking assistance, we can help you manage every step of your shipment process.

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