Freight Brokerage

TraLo’s Freight Brokerage service can help simplify your freight transportation. By allowing us to focus on connecting a shipper and qualified carrier, you can spend extra time on other aspects of your business. We understand the need for reliable, on-time delivery, and work tirelessly to handle supply capacity and complicated lanes.

Why Choose TraLo As Your Freight Broker?

We value ourselves as being professional, punctual, and personable. We take pride in our freight brokerage service, and work to make sure your needs are met and expectations exceeded.

What you get with Tralo:

  • Great Rates
  • Reliable Point of Contact
  • Access to the most qualified carriers
  • Safe, on-time shipments

Freight Brokerage Specialties

Full Truckload

Ensure your full truckload shipments always arrive on time. TraLo’s freight brokers will connect you with the safest and most reliable carriers, while also delivering you a great price.


Managing your own shipments can be complicated when looking for a less-than-truckload shipment. We’ll easily connect you with a great carrier who can transport your freight.

Temp Control

If you have specialty freight needs like temperature controlled shipping, our freight broker team is prepared to connect you will the right driver through our extensive network.


If you’re in need of a fast shipment, TraLo can help set up expedited delivery. Our freight broker team can connect you drivers who will complete their delivery as quickly as possible.

Our Specialized Freight Options


Our prescreened flatbed carriers allow you to be quickly connected with the right driver for your freight. Regardless of size, we can get you a safe and on-time delivery. 

Conestoga Trailer

Our team of drivers have access to conestoga trailers, allowing for ideal transportation of precious cargo and heavy equipment. This helps you deliver your freight with extra safety.

Step Deck

Using our step deck trailers is ideal for transporting very tall and heavy freight, including tractors and other heavy machinery. Our team will deliver your heavy freight safe and fast. 


We have access to a large number of trucks with liftgates, allowing for easy unloading of heavy freight. This allows for a favorable final mile experience for your customers. 

RGN Trailers

We have access to RGN trailers that can easily load and transport large motorized equipment. This allows us to safely transport difficult freight like construction vehicles. 

Double Drop

Our double drop deck trailer drivers can safely and efficiently haul a variety of specialty freight due to the trailers’ unique design. This includes construction equipment and trucks.

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