Freight logistics

At TraLo, we take care of your freight from beginning to end. Our industry standard freight logistics technology and attention to detail help us maximize efficiency and help you receive your shipments faster.

From our drivers to our management, our family owned and operated carrier strives to provide you with the best logistics and transport service possible.

3rd Party Logistics

Our 3rd Party Freight Logistics service provides you with improved efficiency, profit, and less stress. We offer customized trucking and transportation services to fit your needs, regardless of the distance or type of shipment. Our 3rd party logistics service steers shipping in the right direction, and includes a variety of value-added services.


Full Service Freight Logistics

Transportation Management

We offer management solutions for every part of the transportation process, and can work with a variety of carriers and warehouse. Our transportation management has you covered throughout the shipping process.


Our tools and experience in freight logistics consulting can help create a professional supply chain strategy and optimize your delivery process. We take your constraints into account to create the optimal process.

Single Source

Our expert logistics team can take on all the moving parts of your supply chain as your single source, helping to create scalable solutions to improve efficiency and reduce stress in the freight logistics process.

Final Mile

We can help deliver items to the end user as quickly as possible with expert final mile logistics. We combine two service models to add new value to you and your customers.

Cross Dock

If you need to distribute materials from an incoming truck to an outgoing truck, our cross docking logistics can help you maximize efficiency and reduce warehouse space.


We offer full service logistics that you can trust to maximize your supply chain efficiency and cost. We’ll help in more ways than listed here, so feel free to ask any questions. 

The TraLo Logistics Advantage

Our growing team has worked on thousands of jobs, and always get the job done right. We emphasize professionalism, safety, and on-time service. We’re ready to take on any freight logistics task you need.

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Logistics at TraLo

We can help with all your freight logistic needs